Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pasadena Road Trip Part 3

Here we are at the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA.  This house was used in the movie Back to the Future.  It was Doc Brown's house.  Mark loves architecture and was very excited to see this house.
Then we stopped and saw this beautiful house.  This house was used in the movie Father of the Bride.
We headed to Malibu to celebrate New Years Eve day on the beach.  It was warm and no one was on the beach.  I guess Dec. 31st isn't a popular day to go to the beach.  
 After a day at the beach we were HUNGRY!!!  Mark was on a mission to find a fun seafood place.  So we came across the cute little place in Malibu and it was perfect.  Casual, beachy and all seafood! We ordered two platters that had a mix of all sorts of fun things.  The kids loved all the food.

Sweet Ila May.
 Here's Lulu's favorite!!!  Calamari.
 Later that night we got to have a sneak peak at a few floats from the Rose Parade.  This was really fun because we drove around for almost an hour trying to get close enough to see the floats all lined up.  Right as we were going to give up because of how busy and all the road blocks we came down this one road and in front of us was a float driving by.  So we scrambled to find a parking spot, got the kids bundled up and in strollers and ran up the road and go to walk around the floats.  It was worth the wait.  The smell was wonderful.
 This is how we spent New Year's Eve 2013!!

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Christine said...

New Year's at the beach sounds pretty nice! How fun was that!