Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Party: Part 1 of 3

This past weekend was Mark's company Christmas party. The party was held in a town 6hrs. away from where we live. The company that Mark works for has two locations and that's why we drove 6hrs. to get there. They put us up in a hotel and so we made a mini vacation out of it and enjoyed exploring this small town that they are located in. We took off Friday at 3pm so we could get over the pass before dark. I didn't give Lulu a nap hoping she would sleep in the plan worked!
Here's the pass we went over. It was just beautiful seeing the snow. God sure has a way of making each season unique and stunning in it's own way. Once over the pass we stopped for some coffee so we would be awake for our 4 more hours of driving. Lulu had a hot chocolate and thought she was so grown up drinking her "coffee."The men and their hats sitting in Starbucks. When I called to check on our room I told the lady at the front desk that we would be arriving around 10pm. So she said they would leave the key out under the mat.....LOL. You know you are in a small town when they do this at the hotel, and that's right where Mark found it. Under that black mat out front.This was Lulu's first time in a bed this big all on her own. She LOVED it and was so excited to have her own BIG bed. She broke it in by jumping on it first.Here is Mark and Lulu the next morning out in front of our hotel. We decided to walk main street and find some breakfast. We had all day to explore this darling town before the party that evening.Here we are in front of the drug store (Levi's on me in the front carrier.) It was so cute and had all sorts of fun little gifts and knick knacks.The "ladies" had to stand with this cute lady.Lulu, Mark and Levi waiting for our yummy breakfast to arrive. We sat in this darling little restaurant and had a fantastic breakfast. Daddy and daughter crossing the street. We had a great time walking the town. There was really no one else there since it was so cold out. Every shop we went into we were greeted by the friendliest people and it really made us enjoy the small town feel. We live in a very fast paced urban area so this was such a treat for us to slow down and enjoy this lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Your trip was great! I think I'm going to get my pal and do the same trip. Maybe this Spring when the snow is gone. I don't mind the snow, but my wife gets nervous and makes me drive real slow, and that is no fun. She is somewhat old though, and I understand.
Thanks for sharing this great trip with us.
Papa Daddy

Christine said...

Oh fun!
Can't wait for Part 2!
What a fun time for all of you.