Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Party: Part 2 of 3

The Christmas party was so much fun. They rented out a building at the local fair grounds that had an indoor carousel. This carousel was 110 years old and had recently been restored. All the kids (and adults) got to ride this all night as much as they wanted. It was a blast. Lulu had so much fun and was the last one off for the evening. Even Levi got to go for a few rides while sleeping on me. It was truly my favorite part of the evening. Mark enjoyed watching since he gets a little ill if he goes round and round too many times, but he did go a few time around and then he was designated the official picture taker. Lulu and I could have rode all evening. After we had a great dinner and rode the carousel Santa and Mrs. Clause arrived and handed out gifts to each child. I was so surprised when they called Levi's name. Every child's name was called and they all went up one at a time and sat on Santa's lap and received a gift. Well, I had Levi in the front carrier when his name was called so I got to sit on Santa's lap with Levi.
Lulu was a little unsure about sitting on Santa's lap. She watched Levi and I go up and then saw a few more kids go visit with Santa. Here is a picture of her with Mark checking things out while we waited for her name to be called.When Lulu's name was called Mrs. Clause saw that she was a bit nervous so she reached out her arms and Lulu climbed up in her lap instead. It was really cute and worked out tears!Lulu was so polite and said "thank you" to Santa and Mrs. Clause and then she was off to open her gift. It was so fun to see all these kids receive gifts and open them. And everyone was so grateful. I didn't see or hear a single kid was so neat to be around all these wonderful families.Look at that face! Lulu was thrilled to get some My Little Pony toys. The really neat thing was that there were about 30-40 kids here and not one gift was the same. This company was very generous and made it truly fun for everyone. Levi received a Leap Frog alphabet toy that he will get to enjoy in a couple months.Here is Levi sitting with daddy enjoying looking at all the people. The party was great and I was able to meet so many people that Mark works with and their wives. Lulu and Levi both had fun. After the party we went over to the co-owners house for some tea and coffee. We were able to visit and get to know some of the families better. While the wives were inside chatting the guys were outside sledding. It had snowed while we were at the party and the house we were visiting was up in the hills so they had a LOT of snow. I got to see Mark fly down this hill on a sled....he had a blast. When we drove back to our hotel this is what the parking lot looked like and to think just hours before there was no snow at all and we were walking up and down the main street.


Andrea said...

WOW...what a fun party!!
Blessings, andrea

Christine said...

These pictures make me happy and laugh.
Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

Love Ya, MOM aka Gammie