Monday, December 14, 2009

Time with Mark's mom

Mark's mom came to visit this past weekend. She lives in Oregon with Mark's step dad and for most of the year they are traveling in their motor home down south so this visit was really special for us all. The next time we will see Connie is probably in April or May of 2010. While she was here we did some Christmas things since she will be back home during Christmas. Here is Mark and his mom wrapping some presents......hmm, what's in there?Lulu and Mema (what her grandchildren call her) baked sugar cookies and decorated them. Lulu was so excited about decorating the cookies. If you look closely there is frosting in her hair and all over her face because everytime some frosting would spill she had to lick it off and clean up.The first evening of Connie's visit we bundled up and went to "Snowflake Lane." This is a nightly celebration that our local city puts on. They have live toy soldiers that play music and have winter characters that walk around handing out candy. It's great because they do this every night until Christmas and then they make it "Celebration Lane" until New Years Eve. Here is Lulu giving the Snow Princess a high five.What is Mark pointing at? Oh, it's snowing!!!! Another cool thing about "Snowflake Lane" is that is snows every night while they are putting on the show. Lulu was in aww over this.Levi and I got to say "hi" to Frosty the Snow Man......Levi's eyes were wide open the entire time we were there.Once the production was finished we went out for some hot chocolate. Actually Mark and I got pumpkin spiced lattes and Lulu got the hot chocolate and Mema just enjoyed spending time with us.Here is Lulu ignoring her hot chocolate and enjoying the candy that she got from the Snow Princess.Once we got home Lulu wanted to be the Snow Princess so here she is all dressed up and looking just dazzling.On our way home we drove around to see some Christmas lights. This was no joke the very first house we came across. Let me tell you, when driving around looking at Christmas lights this is not what you want to see right at the beginning. It makes all the rest seem sort of boring. So if you happen to come across a house like this look the other way and keep driving and then when you are ready to head home swing back by and enjoy.


Andrea said...

Lulu is the most beautiful Snow Princess I have ever seen.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Christine said...

Well, Lulu as the princess is the cutest!
What a fun time for everyone! Mark looks happy to have his mom around.
And just what is in the package that Mark and his mom are wrapping?

Kimberly said...

Hint's....I'll just tell you. It's Lulu's gift from Connie and it's an art bin with all sorts of paper and crayons, paint and kids scissors.

Thanks for coming over's so nice to be close to you again!

Christine said...