Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year, A New Bed

Tonight Lulu is sleeping in her "big girl bed" for the very first time. We have been fixing up her room since we moved home and finally her bed is put together so she can sleep in it.
Here is Lulu last December 2008 in her crib that is in the same spot her new bed is now.
This picture is taken from out in the hall peeking into her room.
Here is the same picture a year ago taken from the hall. Just amazing how time flies and how quickly a year goes. I can't believe my baby is sleeping in an actual bed. I would love for time to slow down just a bit. Seeing this just helps remind me to enjoy each moment that the Lord has given me with my children.

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Christine said...

Oh Kimmy, now you know how I feel. My "baby" is all grown up. But it is a beautiful thing.
I appreciate every season that God has given me.