Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mini Vacation

Here is Lulu asleep in the hotel we stayed in last week. Last week Mark had to go work at the sister office on the other side of the state and he brought us with him. The town we went to is about 7 hours from where we live and it's a tiny place compared to where we live. It was nice to relax and have some fun. We actually stayed really busy. One of Marks co-workers owns horses and her husband and her invited us out to their house so Lulu could feed them. She was a bit timid but enjoyed watching Mark feed them. Here is the little restaurant we ate at a few times. Lulu got creative and climbed into Levi's walker. There was only so much to do in this small town, plus it was very cold out. We could walk the town in about 5-10 min. One of Lulu's favorite things was TV!!!! We don't have TV at home so I had to get this picture of her. She couldn't get close enough.....LOL. Lulu enjoyed watching the olympics. The skiing and ice dancing were her favorites.We were invited to a birthday party. One of the daughters of the owner was turning 4 and had a tea party. Lulu had so much fun. This was her first official birthday party. Five little girls having a tea party is one of the cutest things you can watch. They drank real tea with honey and cream. By the end of it there was honey everywhere and their cups were mostly filled with cream. They all had a great time.Mark got to sneak away from work for an hour to come to the tea party. Here is Lulu and Levi outside our hotel room. We stayed in this hotel back in December for the companies Christmas party but this time we were on the top floor and had a great view of the mountains. Mark, Lulu and Levi out in front of our hotel room.On our way home we stopped in Leavenworth, WA. Their slogan is "Your Bavarian Getaway" and that's just what it is. You feel like Heidi or Maria from Sound of Music while walking around.Mark is a meat eater and he loves a good bratwurst. So of course while in Leavenworth eat the Bavarian way. Mark got his bratwurst to go. Here is a family picture right before we headed home. It was nice to be able to travel with Mark, we had a great time!


Christine said...

What a cute family!
Glad I'm apart of your lives.

dee dee said...

The kids and I have always enjoyed traveling with my husband's job whenever possible. I love the picture of Lulu watching TV, very cute! Glad you all had fun!
Dee Dee