Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Sunday Afternoon

After we got home from church we had a busy afternoon. Levi was sporting his new sunglasses that Grandma bought him. He's such a stud! Then we got to go visit the house we just moved out of 4 months ago. My dad's getting it ready for a new tenant so we got to walk around and reminisce. This was the house Levi was born in so it has special meaning to us. It's amazing that it's only been 4 months since we moved feels like it's been a year! Here is the kitchen that Lulu and I spent a lot of time in together. This was such a special time for me because I was pregnant with Levi and really got to enjoy spending one on one time with Lulu before he was born. This kitchen has so much meaning to me. Long story short.......while we were living there Mark got very sick and wasn't able to eat ANY food for a few months. He was so weak and lost so much weight. I would make pitchers full of juice. I would juice spinach, carrots, celery, apples and any other foods that were full of nutrients. By God's grace and the juice Mark was able to get through each day and has fully recovered!! This was such a trying time in our life but we would not trade a moment of it. God was so close to us the entire time and we knew He would never leave us. Here is Lulu in her old bedroom. And here is Levi and Mark standing in the doorway to our old bedroom. This is the room Levi was born in. See that small knot hole near Lulu? She used to toss things down it, like rocks and twigs. She was looking down it today and saw something that she remember dropping in it last summer......a slurpee straw! I bought her a slurpee last summer from 7-11 and she just loved playing with the straw and decided to drop it down that hole. Awww the memories. Then when we got home Levi and I spent some time together in the Kitchen. This is where I would put Lulu when she was younger. It's a great spot while I'm prepping things on the counter. You can see our dinner in the background, that's where I work while Levi plays. Levi loved being in the sink. I won't be able to have him here much longer. He hasn't started pulling himself up yet but once he does he will be at me feet playing in the tupperwear drawer.
PS...Thank you for my birthday message!


Christine said...

Good memories and some really good memories.
You and Mark have shown us all who is in control of our lives! It was wonderful to see God working during the really hard times and to see Him rewarding both of you.
God is good!

dee dee said...

What a fun Sunday! It is neat to visit places with so much meaning, then share that special time with others! Thanks for sharing your story with me! God is good, and I am thankful that he brought Mark through that awful time of illness. I was just telling your mom this morning, that God has blessed you both with some great will power in regards to your no sweets. Way to go!
Dee Dee