Friday, March 12, 2010

Play-Doh and Cheese

This afternoon while Levi was napping Lulu played with her Play-Doh. I find it very interesting to watch her play. She is so much like her daddy. She doesn't like to mix the colors. Mark is very organized and could probably paint a house in his church clothes and they would stay clean. I'm total opposite and would have paint EVERYWHERE and my Play-Doh would be brown because I would have mixed them all together. I'm guessing Levi is going to play with brown Play-Doh. Then Lulu helped me make some cheese. I read about how easy it is to make a nice soft cheese from yogurt so we are trying it out. Another way that Mark and I are different is that he would actually read the directions and follow them and I like to wing it and just hope mine turns out. But the nice thing about making this cheese is that it's so simple that I don't think you can mess it up too much. I think the directions called for 2 cups of yogurt so that's about what we did. Then we wrapped the cheese-cloth tightly and are letting it sit on the counter while the whey drips out. This will take a few hours or can be left overnight. I think we will try it this evening. I'll post an update to show how it turned out. Look at Lulu's face......she's a bit timid about touching the gooey cheese-cloth. It was fun making it. I sure hope it turns out!


Christine said...

Say cheese, please...
It looks fun!

Christine said...

Say cheese... please!
That looks like fun. So does the playdough.
Kimmy, are insilling fun and making cooking fun for both of you. Lulu will always want to help you because you make cooking fun!

dee dee said...

It sounds like you and I both would end up with brown playdough and be covered head to toe in paint! Can't wait to see how the cheese turned out!
Dee Dee