Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Today we had a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration over at my Uncle Rick and Aunt Bev's house. This is a tradition that we have had for years, since I was little.  We have gone to Aunt Bev's for Turkey sandwiches and gifts for as long as I can remember. 
 Here we all are!
From left to right: Ila, me, Tom aka Papa (my dad), Lulu, Chris aka Grammie-goo (my mom), Mark, Stephanie (my brother's beautiful wife), Levi, Aunt Karry (Aunt Tamar's sister), Todd (my older brother), Aunt Tamar (married to my Uncle Bob), Uncle Bob (my dad's younger brother), Aunt Bev (my dad's older sister), Uncle Rick (married to Aunt Bev).
Missing: Aunt Linda (my dad's oldest sister), Erika & Rick her husband (Linda's daughter, my cousin), Cousin Mark (Aunt Bev's son), Cousin Heather & Adam her boyfriend (Aunt Bev's daughter), Zazel & Avi (Cousin Heather's & Adam's children).
 Papa and Ila May
 Uncle Todd and Aunt Stephanie
 Aunt Tamar and Ila May
 Levi playing by the Christmas tree
 Aunt Bev playing a new game with Lulu and Levi.
 Levi with his new "fire truck" that Uncle Bob and Aunt Tamar got him......he was over the moon!
 Grammie-goo and Ila May
 Brothers, Uncle Bob and Papa
 I LOVE this picture!!! 
 The girls!
 After all the gifts and food Uncle Rick took the kids to see his trucks.  Levi was in heaven.
Last time we were over at Uncle Rick and Aunt Bev's Levi got to sit in the trucks.  He has been so excited to go back over not for presents or toys but to see Uncle Rick's trucks. 


Christine said...

You got all the action! Nice job.
Love the picture of Aunt Bev play the game, so funny.
It was so much fun. The kids were perfect.
So were Lulu ,Levi & Ila May, (hee hee).

dee dee said...

Merry Christmas!
Dee Dee

Kelsey said...

Fantastic pictures! Levi looks so cute with his bow tie and I especially love the one of your dad and Ila giving Eskimo kisses. I so wish we had extended family to spend holidays with....fortunately our family has grown enough that we dont feel so lonely when it was just me and James. Love the pics looks like yall are making good memories for your children!