Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Gift Idea

 I want to show one of our gifts that we got for Christmas.  It's such a great idea and the perfect gift for any family.  Everyone can use it and even the person that has everything can use it.  My brother Todd and SIL Stephanie got this for our family. 
It's an emergency kit.  It will last us about 3 days and I can keep it in our van.  I'm going to add toilet paper, size 3 diapers and bottled water. 
Here is a look at the inside.  Three packs of freeze dried food (expires in 5 years). Little bottles of alcohol, a very warm blanket, a tarp and a well stocked first aid kit. 
I have been meaning on doing this and now I can just add to it.  The basics are all put together. 

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Kelsey said...

That is indeed a great idea, we should do that especially here in Colorado where the weather can be so severe.