Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Mother!

Check out my mom's blog to read her birthday story.
I want to wish my mother a very Happy 60th Birthday today! 
 I love you Mother, you are not only my mom but my best friend.  I love how we talk a few times a day on the phone.  I love how your home is my home and my home is your home. :)
I love how you love my children so much.  I remember growing up you would always tell me your goal was to be a grandma.  You sure are!  You are the BEST grandma in the world.  And you make 60 look amazing!
A quick trip down memory lane:
Back in 2004 we ran across the Golden Gate Bridge. That trip was so fun.  We had a blast. Remember running through China Town early in the morning and seeing underwear hanging out to dry and the little old ladies making breakfast on an open fire on the sidewalks?!?! 
In 2005 you and I had so much fun planning my wedding.  If I could do it again the one thing I would change would be, making you my matron of honor. 
Then in 2006 you and I were planning a trip to Paris in April 2007.  Well, the day after you got the time off for our trip I had to break the news to you that our trip would have to be put on hold and that you were going to be a Grandma in April 2007 for the first time. 
And now you have 3 grandchildren!  You are blessed!  Thank you for being there for me as a stay at home mom.  You set such a great example for me and when I have needed you the most you have always been there.  I love you. Love Kimmy 


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful heartfelt tribute that any mom would be proud of. Your mom is an incredible wonderful lady, a fact which comes through her posts, and she's a woman who loves her family. Thank you for sharing some more things with us about your mom!

dee dee said...

Your tribute to your beautiful mom brought tears to my eyes!
Dee Dee

Christine said...

This is what LOVE looks like on a blog post!
Thank you Kimmy.

Love Ya, MOM

Susan said...

What a wonderful tribute to your wonderful Mom! She is a special person and she is certainly a Grandma Extraordinaire! When my children were little my Mom and I had a very similar relationship. She is in a nursing home now. I miss those days. Cherish every moment. I now this sounds cliche, but the years really do f...l...y by!