Monday, December 5, 2011

December Pictures

 I had to take some pictures of these cuties.  I got the girls matching dresses the other day.  They have a few matching dresses and I just love to see them in them!!  I would match them all day, every day if I could.  What is it about matching?  I used to see families who would all match and didn't understand it until I had my own.  Now I didn't want to leave Levi out but purple just isn't his color.  I'm not that crazy....yet.
 Sister pictures.
 Now I did say my new goal was to post the first picture I take....more natural and not so "perfect."  These are them!  I didn't just take one, but I didn't go for perfection in the few I did take, and to my surprise they are perfect! My other reason for taking a few and not just one or two is that I took a few with the flash and a few with out.  But the ones without the flash get blurry if someone moves but seem more pretty.  My flash is so bright!  Anyone else have a Cannon Power Shot SD880? I call it my smoking hot camera, literally.  When I take a picture with the flash, smoke comes flowing out from the flash and smells like a fire.  YIKES!!  I did some research and it's a common issue with this camera model. I'm afraid one day it's just going to combust and I will have to stop, drop and roll on it to save my SD card with all my smoking hot pictures on it.
Happy December!


Christine said...

I can't stop laughing!
The girls took great pictures and Levi, well, where is he? LOL!
When ever I need a laugh, I think of Levi.

dee dee said...

Great photos of the little ones Kimmy!
Dee Dee