Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

 The kids wanted to wish you a Happy Leap Day!
Now here's a question we have been asking one another.....if you were born on Feb. 29th would you celebrate your birthday the regular years on Feb. 28th or March 1st? Or would you only celebrate it on the authentic day?
ETA: I would want a big party only on the authentic days. Mark said he wants his cake early and would celebrate on Feb. 28th.  Lulu said she likes her birthday in
 We were very blessed by our dear friend Kathy who gave us her grandsons train table that he grew out off.  The kids are having so much fun and it works great in our new play room.  Kathy is Mark's mom's best friend.  She also is so sweet and sends me her Value Village coupons in the mail when she gets them.  Isn't that so thoughtful?  Also her husband Steve and her won the longest married couple at our wedding back in 2005.
And here is the train table.  Thank you Kathy! The kids LOVE it. 


Christine said...

I'd be a bit odd and would celebrate the 1st of the month. Then when the 29th came along, I'd celebrate that day.

Leaping children...jumping for joy!
Hey, I want to come over and play with that train table!

Debbie said...

What a wonderful gift. I would think that would bring hours of fun for the kids. Leaping can only be fun for so long, surely :D

dee dee said...

My friend was born on leap day and I think she celebrates the day before!
Of course today she celebrates... Today! My kids had a train table and loved it! Hours of fun1
dee dee