Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Day Trip

 Mark and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on Monday.  He took the day off and we got out of town for a little day trip.  On our way out of town we stopped in a cute planned community about 10 min from our house.  They had a general store, cafe, library, fire department and more.  We had fun walking around the surrounding neighborhood and playing in the park.
 We went into the general store to buy some water.  The lady behind the counter offered to take our picture and she gave the kids free cookies! 
 The neighborhood was darling and it was a gorgeous day for a walk.
 Back at the park the kids had fun jumping off of the rocks. 
 Then we got in the van and headed north a couple hours to the town of MaCall.  This is a fun resort town on a lake.  It was fun for us to see a bit more of Idaho.  Since we moved here back in November we haven't gone anywhere so getting out of town was fun.  Back in Boise it was pretty warm and thankfully we had some coats in the van because it was chilly in MaCall. 
 We went out for a fun anniversary dinner in MaCall.


Kelsey said...

That looks like a blast, Kimmy! And I love how Mark is wearing Converse. Kendell got me a pair for my birthday..(He has a pair too)..They are so fun!
Happy Anniversary!

Kimmy said...

Cons are Marks favorite shoe, he's worn them his entire life. I use to have a bright red pair when I was younger. What color are yours?