Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Ila May!

Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet little Ila May.  Two years have flown by.  This past month I feel like you grew up and are no longer a baby.  Boohoo! You are just fitting into 18month clothing .  So you have been such a baby to me, it's been fun.  Even though you look like a baby in many ways you do not act like one!  You can run and jump and climb and play like a two year old.  You of course understand us and can talk a bit.  Your putting 2 to 3 words together.  You have a lot to say but just don't have the words yet but you are trying very hard!  You get your thoughts across very well.  You LOVE your big sister and your big brother and now you love your baby brother!  You just love people and are very social.  Not shy at all!  Your favorite toys are baby dolls, just like your sister.  You love getting ready with me in the bathroom each morning and love running up stairs to see daddy while he's working.  We love you and thank God for you.
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