Monday, May 20, 2013


 My mom is the best!  She came and stayed with us for 13 days to help out while I recovered and rested from the birth.  Thirteen days went way too fast and we miss her so much.  But the 13 days were great and the kids got to spend so much time with Grammie-goo.  
 Here my mom and the kids are talking with my dad over Skype.  My dad didn't come on this trip because of the birth but they are coming back very soon so he can meet Silas in person.  
 My mom was her for Mother's day and the kids got her some fun gifts.
 My first trip out of the house with Silas and everyone was to Starbucks and to a farmers market on Mother's day.  Living far away from my parents has been hard in many ways.  But God has been so good to bring us together (many times), especially at times that really mean something to us, like Silas' birth and Mother's day.  
 Here we are up on our bed talking to my dad on Skype again.  Right during the conversation with him Lulu's front tooth fell out.....while on Skype.  Papa got to see it all.  
My mom reading to the boys.  
We had a great visit with my mom.  I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful mom and dad who spoil us and love us so much.

Click here to see my mom's post on what she did with the kids while here in Boise. 

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Christine said...

It was the best gift you could of ever given to me, day after day of kids, fun and love!