Wednesday, May 7, 2014

After Surgery in the CICU

Around 1pm on 5/6/14 we finally got to see Silas for the first time in his CICU (cardiac intensive care unit).  I was so excited to just see him.  We had just talked to his surgeon and knew he had done well.  He was sleeping but started stirring and crying when he heard me.  Silas even knew I was standing there.  He wanted mommy!  So I actually had to sit away from him.  It was bitter sweet because I wanted to touch him and talk to him yet I wanted him to rest.  The nurses were great so I actually felt good leaving because he was in great hands.    
 I had to touch him and love him and pray over him.  
 Mark is the best dad and was able to calm Silas down.  I could see Silas literally calm when Mark talked to him and touched him.  

 He came out of the OR with a slight temp so that's why he had the cloth on his head.  But it came down while we were there with him. 
Here is his CICU room. 
Here I am talking on the phone updating our loved ones. 
 Silas and I stayed our first night in the CICU.  It was better then I expected.  He did great.  
Here's where I slept!  Mark made my bed for me before he left the night before.  He's so good to me. 
 Silas took some pedialight at first.  This was an exciting step in his recovery.  
 Then he was ready for breast milk!!  I'm so glad I had pumped for a few weeks before surgery and froze the milk.  I also pumped while he was in surgery and during recovery.  It was JUST enough.  This little guy was hungry.  When we were down to 6oz of pumped milk God answered my prayer to actually breast feed Silas.  He was struggling with it for the 1st 24hrs and finally he did! 
 One of the goals we had before leaving the CICU was to get me to actually hold Silas.  We did that on day 2 and that was the BEST feeling.  
I was so excited to hold him.  I tried to breastfeed him but he still didn't want to.  I was a bit emotional about that but everyone kept telling me it was normal.  But like I said he eventually did and hasn't needed a bottle since! 
Goodbye CICU! 

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