Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day of Surgery

Early in the morning, 5:30am we said goodbye to the kids and my parents and left for the hospital. This was very odd.  I wasn't sure how long I personally would be gone while Silas would be in the hospital.  I knew that Mark would bring the kids over to visit but it's hard to say goodbye.  
 We got to the hospital around 6am and checked in.  Silas got his ankle ID and Mark and I got our parent ID's.  God was so good and gave us peace.  We were really excited to finally be here at this point so that Silas could get healthy.  
 This is where we had to wait before they took us back to our private waiting room.  There were a few other families checking their kids in for various procedures.  
 Then they called "Silas" and we were walked back to the prep room.  I got a bit emotional at this point.  They gave me a cleaning cloth to wipe him down one last time.  This is to prevent infection as best as possible. 
I got Silas dressed in his gown and now we just snuggled.  At this point it was about 7:20am.  
 We then talked to the anesthesiologists.  They then had to take him back it was 7:33am.  I thank God that Silas was happy and doing really well.  He didn't cry at all.  This helped me be ok and not cry too much.  I was able to enjoy the process as much as I could. He was all smiles and after the surgery they told me as they were walking him into the operating room he was waving to all the nurses and doctors.  This really made me happy to hear.  
They gave us a pager and updated us throughout the surgery.  At 8:45am we got our first page the they actual surgery has started. Mark and I were able to stay busy.  We had breakfast at the hospital's Starbucks.  Then we went to the family resource center and I got to FaceTime the kids.  This was really sweet.  Then at 11:15am we got a page that the surgery was done and the doctor wanted to meet with us!  Everything went well! 
Praise God. 

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