Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Hospital Stay

 Here we are wheeling Silas from the CICU to the normal floor.  This was a fun walk and just meant we were getting that much closer to going home.  
 Silas says "hi"....waving is his new trick.  He loves to wave. 
 Here's his sweet little scar. 
 Getting weighed.  Not very fun. 
Each night Mark came over and brought me dinner and spent time with us.  My parents were such a blessing because they watched and cared for our kids.  
 Once we were in our new room Mark brought the kids to visit.  They were so exceed to see us.  They toured the hospital and had lunch in the cafeteria.  They thought that was pretty cool since they could pick out what food they wanted.  
 My parents and Mark's mom were also able to visit.  Here is my mom hold Silas so I could take a shower!!! 
 Each morning around 4:45am we had to wake up and do chest X-rays.  Silas did so well but didn't enjoy it. 
 He got his drain tube taken out!  Another step closer to going home!
 Here is one of the cardiologist doing a checkup to see if Silas can go home.  

 Silas started eating real food.  He had lasagna, green beans and sherbet.  
 Happy Boy....he's going home!!!!
Once we got the ok to be discharged Mark headed back to my parents and picked up everyone and drove them back.  This was a family event.  My parents came too!
We watched them find a parking spot.  
Good bye Seattle Children's!!  We were discharged on Friday, May 9th, 2014.  Only 4 days in the hospital.  What an answer to pryer.  

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