Monday, May 5, 2014

Preparing for Surgery

 Saturday, May 3rd we drove to Redmond, WA to stay with my parents for Silas' open heart surgery.  We arrived 3 days before.  So we were able to visit a bit and relax.  When we arrived we weren't sure how long of a stay it was going to be.  
My parents were so excited to have us there and they took such good care of us all.  
 Monday, May 5th Mark, Silas and I spent the entire day at the hospital doing all his pre op appointments.  I hate this picture but wanted to share it because Silas was such a trooper that day.  They took X-rays (that's what Silas is doing in the picture), did an EKG, took blood twice! and did a physical.  It was a long and busy day.  
 Here's Silas''s about 13.9 lbs.  He's gained almost a whole pound since his hospital stay for pneumonia 7 weeks prior.  
 We did this a lot!  
 Another picture I don't really like but he did so well!!!  
 Then after all the poking and tests we enjoyed a hospital cafeteria lunch.  Silas was a happy boy again. 
 Here we are waiting for our last appointment of the day with anesthesia.  They did another physical and determined he was healthy for surgery.  Praise God!
They required us to give Silas 3 baths with some special soap before surgery.  Two were the evening before and one was the morning of Surgery.  Since we had to be at the hospital at 6:15am his morning bath was around 5am!!!  Again he was such a trooper. 

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