Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Emergancy Room Visit

Last night we had to take Lulu to the ER. She stepped on a nail from some tack strip that was on the floor of our house that we are moving back into. We took her in to get a tetanus shot. She did so well and only had some tears when she had to get her two shots. How it happend was that Lulu was so excited to be back in our house that she was running around and we just were seconds behind her when she stepped right on the tack strip. So instead of moving some boxes into the house we drove to the ER and then went home. My mom came with us to help but really she was there to support me while Mark took care of Lulu while they were helping her. He's so good at these kinds of situations. We all prayed and were able to praise God for his protection and healing hand on Lulu. We got home at a decent time but Lulu went right to bed in our bed and we spent the night as a family all snuggled up in bed together. Here is Lulu this morning resting her sore little legs and foot watching Mary Poppins. She's holding her new doggy that the ER staff gave her. God is so good how He comforts in stressful times. She's doing great and seems to be back to her happy, cheerful self.


Mark "Daddy" said...

Lulu...Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!!! You wear very brave at the ER last night. I love you and I will always be right there to help you through each and every difficult time in your life. Always trust that God, your heavenly Father will as well protect and comfort you. You have my love for all time, Your Daddy!

Andrea said...

Poor baby!
Take care of Lulu and enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving!
Blessings, andrea

Christine said...

Wow what a night! The good, the bad, and the happy!
On the way home, I couldn't believe Lulu thanked me for coming with her to the Hospital!
You and Mark are great parents!
(And Levi slept through the whole thing!)