Saturday, November 21, 2009

Packing Day!

We started the day off with some pancakes to keep us satisfied for the hard work in front of us. We got the kitchen and office all packed up along with the pictures on the walls. We have a little more of the small things but other then that we can't do anything until moving day. It feels good to be all packed and ready to move. Levi enjoyed sitting in the walker and watching us. We haven't seen this walker since before Lulu was walking. It's been in storage and what great timing to find it again!! He loved being in the walker even though his feet were about a inch from the ground. It will be fun to see him cruise around at our "new/old" house. Lulu spent hours doing circles around the kitchen and into the living room and back. We are so excited to be back home and watch Levi grow up where Lulu spent her first 18months.

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Christine said...

Boy, do I remember Lulu in that walker! She was all over the place.
Boxes and boxes... alot of work.

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