Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're Home!!!!

Mark lit a fire the first evening we were home. How I have missed sitting and snuggling up by the fire with him. Lulu was a bit nervous about the popping and crackling of the fire and Levi got to enjoy his first time ever being in our home. Here is our moving crew. That's my older brother Todd and his amazing wife Stephanie along with Mark and Lulu. Todd and Stephanie were such a blessing to us. They showed up early Friday morning (the day after Thanksgiving) and started moving everything out into the van and their truck. The day before it was pouring down rain, Mark prayed for nice weather so we could move everything with out it getting all wet and the Lord gave us a beautiful clear day with blue sky and sun! We finished in time to rest a bit and then head over for a Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. This is a picture of our moving caravan and you can see the black van in the rear view mirror that Mark drove. This was the most fun I have had driving in a while!!And here is my mom who did ALL the cooking for our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. It was so great to go enjoy a wonderful meal with our family right after doing all that moving.

Thank you mother for all the leftovers that you stocked our fridge with and thank you Todd and Stephanie for all you hard work helping us move. Daddy we also want to thank you for always being there for Mark and I and allowing us to live in your rental house this past year. We love you all and are so thankful that God gave us such an amazing family.

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1


Andrea said...

Lulu and Levi are absolutely adorable. Isn't it wonderful to snuggle up with little ones by a fire. Glad you guys are enjoying being back in your home. What a thanksgiving blessing!

Kimberly said...

Thank you! Yes, I love snuggling them, espically by the fire. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Christine said...

That picture of Lulu by the fire is SO FUNNY!

This is a Thanksgiving in which I am so thankful. Seeing all my children helping with the BIG move, awesome!
Thank you Todd, Stephanie, Mark and Kimmy for making it all happen.
Welcome Home!

Love Ya, MOM

Anonymous said...

You sure have a beautiful family. Lulu looks traumatized by the fire... :-) It is just now gettig cool enough here to turn on the heat,light a fire and bring in the dog. Hope you all are getting settled.