Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 34th Birthday Mark!!!!

It's somebodies birthday I wonder for who, it's somebodies birthday that's right in this room, so look all around you for somebody laughing and smiling my goodness it's YOU! Happy Birthday Mark, from all of us to you, Happy Birthday Mark, from mommy and daddy too. We congratulate you and pray good luck follows you, Happy Birthday Mark...may all of your good dreams come true.

Lulu and I had a lot of fun baking Mark's cake. She loves to help mix and pour. We enjoyed the cake this evening, even though Marks birthday is tomorrow.....Lulu couldn't wait (neither could Mark) so we had and early birthday party. Tomorrow we have a special breakfast planned and his gift. Let me just give a bit of advice.....NEVER tell a 2 1/2 year old what your getting you're husband for his birthday. I had the perfect gift picked out for Mark and we went shopping last week to get it. That evening the moment Mark stepped in the door Lulu said "Daddy do youwant to see you hat we got you?" So tomorrow Mark is going to open up his gift that he already knows about, but...he doesn't know what kind of hat it is.Here is Lulu really excited to dig in and enjoy the cake she helped make.

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Christine said...

Happy Birthday Mark!
We are looking forward to having all of you over for his birthday dinner tonight!
I'm so glad you have carried on our tradition of a special birthday breakfast.
And look at Lulu! She is soooo much like YOU!
Great picture of Levi, too.