Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Birthday Celebration!

Here is Mark's new hat! He loves it and even though he knew what he was getting he was still surprised about the type of hat. This is his "Charles Ingalls" hat so that he can work outside even in the rain. He told me he now wants a rifle, a horse and a farm.....and he's not joking. We had a great morning relaxing and enjoying Mark's favorite breakfast, biscuits and sausage gravy. That evening we went over to my parents for more gifts and a birthday dinner, grilled burgers and of course birthday cup cakes!! After dinner Mark, Levi and I headed out on a date. My parents got to babysit Lulu and we went to the movie A Christmas Carol. This was no ordinary movie but it was IMAX in 3D!! We were so excited to be going to a movie together (it's been so long) and Levi was doing great (like always). This was going to be his first movie too. The moment it started Levi about jumped out of his diaper it was so loud. Mark and I looked at each other and got up and left. We still had a fun date night it just didn't include the movie that we were planning to see. This was before the movie started.....aren't we cute with our 3D glasses? I was looking forward to the old school flimsy 3D glasses that I grew up with but when we saw the ticket takers roll out a cart full of these crazy looking things I knew we were in for an exciting movie....just didn't realize how loud it would be. Even though we didn't stay to actually see the movie we still had fun getting our seats and being in the theater with Levi.


Andrea said...

This is too funny. My hubby bought me a similar hat while we were away a week or so ago. Maybe, I will be brave enough to post a picture of myself in it, soon.
Blessings, andrea

Christine said...

We had fun, didn't we!
I know when it is my turn to blow out candles, I will have a helper.

Look how big Levi is getting!

Love Ya!