Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Reunion

This past weekend we headed to Boardman, Oregon for a small family reunion. On our way to Boardman we stopped and spent the night in one of our favorite towns, Hood River, Oregon.
We got the second to last room in our hotel. 
We had breakfast in the hotels restaurant before heading into to town to play.
Lulu and Levi both ate french toast.  Lulu got bacon with hers and Levi got sausage and gave it to Mark. 
Mark found a great parking spot right in town and we fit!!
Of course we stopped at the fountain where we cool off at every year. 
This ice cream place is so cute and has the best flavors, like peach yogurt or java chip!  Plus you can buy a cone for $1!  How fun is that?  And since it's Oregon you only pay $1 not $1.08 or whatever it would be here.
Here they are up in the tree house at the ice cream shop.
Then we headed to the beach to play in the water. 
Once we were done in Hood River we took the Historical Columbia River Highway drive.  The kids were fast asleep just moments after we got them in the van.  We stopped and got coffee and cherries!  Our drive was so fun and it felt like Mark and I were on a date.
I LOVE cherries and here is Mark buying me a big bag of them, they make his lips itch so they were all mine. And the picture below is the coffee shop where we got our iced americano's. They roast their own  bean too and we got a bag to bring home.
Here we are half way on our senic drive at the top.
About 2 hours later we pulled into Boardman, Oregon.  We stayed at Mark's grandpa and grandma's house.  Here is Mark with his Aunt Susie meeting Ila May for the first time.  This was actually my first time meeting Aunt Susie too along with Lulu and Levi.  Aunt Susie is Mark's mom's sister.
It was very hot for us.  Hot for us is 80 and it was in the 90's.  Here is Lulu sitting on the vent as the AC was blowing out. 
This is Grandpa Dick.  Mark's mom's dad.  
Here is Lulu and Levi in front of the garden that Grandpa Dick and Grandma Gerrie live off of.
That afternoon the reunion was taking place at Aunt Susie's farm.  We went early and had the kids take their nap in Mema's (Mark's mom) camper.  It was so nice to have her camper because it was so cool and outside was HOT!!  Here all 3 are asleep on her bed.
This is Taylor one of Mark's cousins.  Mark hasn't seen her since she was a baby.  She is 15 now and holding our baby.  Her dad is Connie's brother.
Here is Grandpa Dick and Grandma Gerrie.
Levi loved the hammock.
Here is Mark with Mike (in the hat) and Matt (with glasses).  His two younger cousins, their dad is Uncle Mike, Connie's brother.  Mark hasn't seen either of them since he was in High School. 
And here is Connie and Mark with Uncle Mike, Connie's brother. 
Then on our way home the next day we stopped in Ellensburg to visit Mark's great aunt Kacki.  This was the first time I got to meet her along with all the kids.
After our visit with Aunt Kacki we drove to Levenworth, WA and ended our trip walking around this darling Bavarian town. Mark and I had one of our first dates in Levenworth. 


Christine said...

It's fun to see Mark's side of our family.
What great pictures. Love the one of all the little ones sleep on the bed.

dee dee said...

I agree with your Mom, the photo of the kids asleep on the bed is so wonderful! Looks like this trip was full of memories and love!
Dee dee

Anonymous said...

Kelsey and I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Your doing great getting out and traveling a bit with 3 littles!