Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Months

 Today Ila May is 3 months old.  She has been such a joy and it really feels like she has been here much longer then 3 months.  A few days ago she turned over from her tummy to her back while she was in bed.  She did this twice in the same day.  She is very vocal.  Coos and talks to us so much.  She loves to smile at people and lights up when her brother and sister talk with her.  I just started putting her on the floor to "play" a bit.  She loves this. Something that we are so excited about and thanking God for is that her eye has completely cleared up and healed.  She had a blocked tear duct just like Levi did. Hers was just as bad as his and her eye was starting to get infections.  We have been praying that it would heal and clear up.  It's been clear and draining like it should for the past 6 days!!


Christine said...

I need to give Ila May more kisses.
If fact, I need to give Lulu and Levi more, too!

Not Just a Waitress said...

She's SOOOOO cute!!! :) :) :)
Lulu must just be so pumped to be have a baby sister. :) I have two, one who's 23rd birthday is today, so I've had plenty of time to learn to appreciate what a gift having a baby sister truly is. :)