Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ding Dong!

 Probably twice a week (some more, some less) I get a text message first thing in the morning from my mom that there is something on the front step for the kids. She drops her surprises off when she's on her way to work.  Sometimes it's flowers for Lulu, bananas for everyone.  We just never know what the surprise will be.  Today my text message said "Have Levi look outside!!" 
 He was so excited.  He was jumping up and down.  He had no idea what was in the bag but it didn't matter.
What could it be????
 Lulu needed to help open it.
 Hard boiled eggs!!!!  Levi's FAVORITE!  And there are stickers on them!!
Yummy!  Thank you Grammie-goo.  We love you!

Click HERE to see my mom's blog post about it.


Christine said...

Oh my! I didn't think eggs would be so exciting.
You know I love doing this.

Being a Grandma is so much fun. It's better then I ever thought.

Anonymous said...

What terrific fun!! For Grandma and the kiddos. My mom used to send us random boxes with little goodies for each child, little things like markers and coloring book. We LOVED getting them! Great memories.


Marla and Steve said...

Oh oh oh!! So, so adorable!!

Sue said...

Hi I just came over from Christine's blog, and i wanted to see levi's response to the eggs she left. I am so blessed by this post, Your mom sounds like my kind of grandma.