Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reformation Sunday Bonfire

This afternoon my parents came over for a bonfire.  We roasted s'mores and some hot dogs.  It was wet and rainy but pretty warm.
 Lulu - 4.5 years.
 My dad and Ila May (5 months)
 Family picture out by the swing.
 My mom roasting a marshmallow.
 Lulu enjoying her s'more.
 Levi liked his s'more in separate pieces.  Plain chocolate, plain graham cracker, plain marshmallow.
 Someone ran off with the entire bag of marshmallows.
My dad brought his umbrella just in case.
 Ila May fell asleep. 
We had a fun afternoon playing in the back and having my parents over.


Christine said...

We live in Seattle, a little rain is nothing!
Some rain gear and we were ready for the party.

Thanks for the invitation. It WAS fun!

Christine said...

Hey......look over there! Wheres my coffee? Love you T's.......Tom G.

Steph said...

i love, love this last photo! (so happy you're going cloth!)