Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fire Day

Today we went on a tour of a new fire station in our area.  They had it all set up for tours and for kids to climb and play in the trucks.  My mom found two really fun fire hats earlier in the week for Lulu and Levi to wear.
 Here is everyone walking to the fire station.  Lulu had been wearing her hat since the moment she woke up this morning.

 Levi LOVED sitting in the trucks.  Lulu enjoyed it too.
 Then they got to climb up onto this truck.  It had a surf board and paddle on it.  We're thinking it's for water rescue????  We do have a lot of water around here. 
 Papa and Levi
 Then we took the tour of the new station.  We got to see where the firefighters sleep, eat, play and do laundry.  It was really neat to see the living quarters.  Here is Levi meeting a real fireman!
 Here we are in the kitchen.  While we were in there, there was a fireman that was cooking himself some breakfast.  So my dad started talking to him about who does the cooking and the dishes.  We even got to open up the 4 refrigerators to see what they all like to eat.  Lot's of ice cream!
Click HERE to see my mom's blog post of our day at the fire station.


Christine said...

You took some great pictures!

corners of my life said...

Looks like a fun family outing.