Monday, October 31, 2011

Reformation Day

 Today we celebrated Reformation Day.  Lulu and Levi have been looking forward to today.  We have been talking about what the Protestant Reformation means and the amazing sacrifice the reformers made for us.
 We colored stained glass window coloring pages.  We played pin the beard on the theologian. 
 One of the fun games that we do just to have some fun, is the candy game.  They decorate a paper bag, then I scatter and hide candy all around the living room.  While I'm doing this they all are waiting in the bedroom for me to call them out.  When I call them out they get to go on a candy hunt.  I played this game growing up at my birthday party but I thought it would be fun for this celebration.
 Notice in the picture above the little hand grabbing a "find."
 Then to take the celebration even further we had a "papal" roast.
 We had a wonderful dinner this evening.
 After our dinner we had a blast playing pin the beard on the theologian. 
 Levi's turn!
 Mark's turn!
 I think Mark practiced.
 I obviously need to practice!
 Then Mark took the kids next door to our sweet neighbors house.  She's like a grandma to the kids.  We scrounged up something for them to wear and they went trick-or-treating over to see her and say hello.  She made them fun goodie bags yesterday and was excited to see them today.  
 Right before bed we all listened to an audio book about Martin Luther, called The Barber Who Wanted to Pray written and read by R.C. Sproul. He wrote it as a children's book.  It's a sweet story and a great way to learn how to pray.

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Christine said...

Happy Reformation Day!
Great way to make memories.

PS; Beards are on the lower part of the face.