Monday, October 31, 2011

Reformation Day

 Today we celebrated Reformation Day.  Lulu and Levi have been looking forward to today.  We have been talking about what the Protestant Reformation means and the amazing sacrifice the reformers made for us.
 We colored stained glass window coloring pages.  We played pin the beard on the theologian. 
 One of the fun games that we do just to have some fun, is the candy game.  They decorate a paper bag, then I scatter and hide candy all around the living room.  While I'm doing this they all are waiting in the bedroom for me to call them out.  When I call them out they get to go on a candy hunt.  I played this game growing up at my birthday party but I thought it would be fun for this celebration.
 Notice in the picture above the little hand grabbing a "find."
 Then to take the celebration even further we had a "papal" roast.
 We had a wonderful dinner this evening.
 After our dinner we had a blast playing pin the beard on the theologian. 
 Levi's turn!
 Mark's turn!
 I think Mark practiced.
 I obviously need to practice!
 Then Mark took the kids next door to our sweet neighbors house.  She's like a grandma to the kids.  We scrounged up something for them to wear and they went trick-or-treating over to see her and say hello.  She made them fun goodie bags yesterday and was excited to see them today.  
 Right before bed we all listened to an audio book about Martin Luther, called The Barber Who Wanted to Pray written and read by R.C. Sproul. He wrote it as a children's book.  It's a sweet story and a great way to learn how to pray.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reformation Sunday Bonfire

This afternoon my parents came over for a bonfire.  We roasted s'mores and some hot dogs.  It was wet and rainy but pretty warm.
 Lulu - 4.5 years.
 My dad and Ila May (5 months)
 Family picture out by the swing.
 My mom roasting a marshmallow.
 Lulu enjoying her s'more.
 Levi liked his s'more in separate pieces.  Plain chocolate, plain graham cracker, plain marshmallow.
 Someone ran off with the entire bag of marshmallows.
My dad brought his umbrella just in case.
 Ila May fell asleep. 
We had a fun afternoon playing in the back and having my parents over.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday Cake!

 Hope your Friday is as yummy as ours has been. 
My friend Kelsey sent me this recipe and it's delicious! 
 Check out Kelsey's Blog for the recipe.

Bath Time

This is Ila's first sink bath. She seemed to enjoy it. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Walker

 This baby walker has been one of the best pieces of baby equipment we have ever owned.  My mom got it for us when Lulu was a baby.  Our house has pretty much all hard surfaces so our babies can roam the house in this.  Ila pushes her legs and scoots backwards everywhere right now, but she is realizing if she leans froward she can go forward. 
Levi ( December 2009)
Lulu (January 2008)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ding Dong!

 Probably twice a week (some more, some less) I get a text message first thing in the morning from my mom that there is something on the front step for the kids. She drops her surprises off when she's on her way to work.  Sometimes it's flowers for Lulu, bananas for everyone.  We just never know what the surprise will be.  Today my text message said "Have Levi look outside!!" 
 He was so excited.  He was jumping up and down.  He had no idea what was in the bag but it didn't matter.
What could it be????
 Lulu needed to help open it.
 Hard boiled eggs!!!!  Levi's FAVORITE!  And there are stickers on them!!
Yummy!  Thank you Grammie-goo.  We love you!

Click HERE to see my mom's blog post about it.