Friday, February 24, 2012

Arthur 2001-2012

 Today we said goodbye to my parents dog Arthur.  He has been very sick and today they decided to put him down.  Before they took him to the vet they brought Arthur over to say goodbye.  We had a party for him.  The kids made it special for Arthur.  Lulu made a nice bed in the living room with a special pillow for him.  We made a banner and the kids decorated it.  We got balloons that we all got to write on and then let them go up to heaven, so when Arthur gets there his balloons will be waiting for him.
 Lulu drew Arthur a picture.  I asked her one of her favorite memories of Arthur and she said it was when Papa (my dad) and Lulu took Arthur for a walk and my dad let Lulu hold the leash.  So her picture is of her walking Arthur.
 Here my mom is holding a very sick Arthur.  The kids were very sweet and excited to see him.
This morning we told Lulu and Levi that we needed to say goodbye to Arthur.  Lulu cried but got excited to make our goodbye a special one.  Levi looked at us sort of sad and said "he's my buddy." Ila has enjoyed watching Arthur from our arms.  She would get so excited to see my parents dogs walk around.
After spending some time talking about Arthur we all wrote on a balloon.
 My brother Todd was able to say goodbye too.
 Here is my mom's post on Arthur.
And HERE is another post my mom did about Arthur.


Anonymous said...

I'm in tears again....
How beautiful to throw him a party. Love the balloon idea.
So sorry for your loss...
dee dee

Christine said...

It was a great send off.
Thank you for doing it for the kids and the rest of us.
I know your Dad really appreciated it.