Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Post

The other day it snowed!  It wasn't much and didn't last but it sure was surprising to wake up and see snow.
Mark's grandparents came to visit.  They are Grandpa Linvel and Grandma Teddy.  Levi calls them Grandpa Linda and Grandma Teddy 
Ila loves her walker.  She is getting around really well.
The other day we went to Costco.  Usually Mark goes with us but this day it was just me with the 3 kids.  Lulu helped me push Ila May.  She did really well.  This was her first time pushing a stroller that long.
Yesterday we played with a box of scarves that my mom gave to Lulu a few Christmas' ago.  We put one on Ila's head.  She looked so cute!  She would not look at me though.  I think she was being shy.
 Then Lulu had me tie each scarf together and she played Rapunzel. 
 Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!


dee dee said...

How very sweet! I love to see the imagination in kids!
dee dee

Angel said...

You are such a fun, awesome mom!