Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

 This morning we woke up to some fun Valentines gifts.  Mark's mom was here and she had little gifts for the kids. 
 My mom dropped off chocolate cake and candy for the kids and left it at the front door early this morning before we were even up.  The kids LOVE when my mom leaves them surprises at the front door. 
 Levi had chocolate cake for breakfast.  Thank you Grammie-goo!
Mark got Lulu some chocolates.  She was very excited.
 Levi gave Ila May a kiss for Valentines Day.  She loves the attention she gets from him.
 This evening we thought we would give the kids a special dinner and then have a later dinner while the kids watched a movie. 
 So, our dinner was very funny.  Levi was not interested in the movie so he sat with us and had a second dinner.  I gave him my camera and he took some really good pictures!
 He loved snapping pictures of us.  I have about 6 others.  They all are really good. 
Later after the kids were in bed my brother and his wife Stephanie Skyped with us and gave us a wonderful Valentines gift!  They told us they are expecting!!!!!  I cried and they showed us their 13 week ultrasound picture.  Congratulations Todd and Stephanie!  


Christine said...

What a great day!
Love is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Love is in the air!
Praying for the newly expected!
Dee Dee