Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girls Day Out

 Today my mom, Lulu, Ila and I went to a paint your own pottery place.  My mom is on mid-winter break so we wanted to do something fun.
 Lulu knew exactly what she wanted to paint, even with the large selection she went in wanting to paint a plate and she found a darling heart shaped one.
Here it is, the before picture.
 Then she picked out her colors.
 Here is my mom holding Ila and Lulu is watching the older girl across from us paint.  Lulu knows what she likes and is not easily persuaded.  She makes up her mind very easily and quickly. I love that about her.  There is no guessing with Lulu, she knows what she likes and doesn't like. 
 Working hard!
 Ila took a great nap in my moms arms. 
 Lulu was very pleased with her plate.
 I painted a cute vase.  I love color so I tried to make it as colorful and eclectic as possible.
These colors go on muted but after they are fired and glazed they will be much brighter. 
 After we finished painting we met my dad at Starbucks for a treat.
 The other thing about Lulu that I love is that she loves to share and is always thinking of others.  On our way to Starbucks she was thinking about what she should get for Levi who was at home.  She wanted to surprise him.  She was more concerned about what he would want then what she was going to get herself.  Also while we were painting she kept talking about all the things Levi would love to paint. 
Here is Levi eating his chocolate glazed doughnut that Lulu picked out for him. 

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Anonymous said...

Now that is a memory making outing if I ever saw one! You will treasure those pieces of pottery! Please make sure you post photos after they are fired!
dee dee