Thursday, April 1, 2010


For my 27th birthday my wonderful family made me a very delicious breakfast. Mark is quit the cook. He just might have to take over in the kitchen from now on.........April Fools! But I am serious about the breakfast being good. Mark made a quiche with all my favorite things in it.Then after Mark left for work, Lulu, Levi and I went and walked around a little shopping village that has fun little shops. The grounds are darling and they have chickens running around all over.I don't have any pictures of Levi because I wore him in my front carrier while we walked around plus he slept most of the time.Look what we ran into, a cow and some chickens. The cow is pretend and I had to reassure Lulu of that to get this picture, but those chickens are real.....and she was happy they didn't come too close.
Here you can see Lulu is actually jumping (see under her boots there's a bit of space?). We had a great time and I had a wonderful birthday. That evening Mark BBQ steaks and we had baked potatoes with salad. What a great guy! Thank you Mark!!


dee dee said...

What a very fun day!
Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

O, MY GOODNESS! What all is in that quiche?? I make quiche all the time because I constantly have more eggs than we can eat. (we have several laying hens) I thought my quiche looked good, but that looks delish! Yep, you may have to relinquish your position in the kitchen.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! You have such a gorgeous family!


Kimberly said...

In that quiche was, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, bacon and lots of cheese! It also had no crust. I love crust but with this one I didn't seem to miss it.