Monday, April 12, 2010

Portland 2010 - Part 3 of 3

Good morning! This was our last day in Portland. What a beautiful city and the weather was great. Here is Levi playing with the teddy bear that was on our bed. Doesn't he look like a little prince on that bed?The furniture in the hotel was just so fun. If I could redo our decor in our home I would redecorate like this hotel. I loved the bright colors and the fun furniture.This couch was just calling out my name. I had to sit on it and get a picture. I'm going to be looking at garage sales and thrift stores for this darling sofa, even if it takes years to find.And here again is that chaise lounge.....umm....Mark can we get one of these please? My mom and dad were so generous for taking us with them on this trip. It was so special and truly a blessing to be together as a family. Here we are, all the kids and grand kids. Mark, Me, Levi, Stephanie, Lulu and Todd. Here is my dad taking pictures on Todd's camera. He was just snapping away. Can't wait to see those pictures. After our photo session in the hotel lobby, we headed for the Portland Saturday Market. This was so fun. Hundreds of vendors, tons of artists. You could find just about anything. I just wish we had more time. Lulu saw a little girl with a flower, so we were on a mission to find her one. Of course Grandma found them and Lulu picked out a pink paper rose and what a deal too....only $2!!Stephanie bought this beautiful barrette made from a sterling sliver spoon. So my mom and I had to go see what else this artist was selling. We found and bought these darling bud vases. They are also made from sterling sliver forks and spoons. Isn't that just the coolest thing? I also bought a ring made from a sterling sliver spoon handle.My dad bought each of us a wind mobile from the market. Here are my parents with Levi at the Portland Saturday Market. Who's Lulu looking at?Oh, it's Mark. How funny. Lulu thought it was so neat that we could see daddy from the window. Mark went out to get some food for our train ride home. We were heading home soon. We said goodbye to my parents and headed to the train station. My parents stayed one more night. Todd, Stephanie, Mark, Lulu, Levi and I rode home on the train together.They were teaching Lulu how to thumb wrestle. Daddy and Levi. And someone was tired. She had so much fun. She missed saying goodbye to her uncle and aunt. We got back into Seattle around 6pm and rode the bus back to get our van. It's fun to be on vacation but it's so nice to be home too.
Thank you to my parents for this trip. You guys went above and beyond to make this fun and memorable. We love you and can't wait to do it again!


Andrea said...

You have the most beautiful family! Awesome pictures!
Blessings and prayers,

dee dee said...

Can I be adopted into the family?
How about a tag-a-long babysitter?
Thank you for sharing this excellent trip with us! Off to your Mom's blog to comment...
Dee Dee

Corners of My Life said...

These last two photos are priceless. I hope you are going to print them for LuLu and Levi to keep.