Monday, April 12, 2010

Portland 2010 - Part 2 of 3

Here we are in Portland, OR. Our hotel was right in the middle of the city. After walking a bit and riding on the light rail that Portland has, we finally made it to our hotel!! My mom was very excited.The hotel we stayed in was very colorful. I have never seen so many different patterns in one room. The lobby was great and Lulu found a chaise lounge that I wish I could take home with me. Here is my mom and dad. They had the best time being with their family. After we checked into the hotel we went and had lunch at a darling little deli. Then we headed back to the hotel and found our rooms. We first went up to my parents room.......actually it was more like the size of a small condo. They had the top floor suite. It was so nice because it had a dining room and living room, so we all could hang out together. That evening we ordered dinner and ate in their suite. Lulu loved their bed! I love this picture of Mark and Levi. Looking out the window at down town Portland. Here is Lulu running around my parents hotel suite. And Todd's checking out the price of the hotel goodies. I think a candy bar was like $4.00 and a bottle of water was about the same. Thankfully we brought our own goodies. Then after spending some time in my parents room our room was ready and we got to go relax. We tried to give the kids a nap but they were just too excited to sleep. Our room was darling and the colors were so fun. And it was great becasue we were right next door to my parents. Here is Levi enjoying the big fluffy bed. Lulu got the bed next to the window. She had a blast climbing and jumping around. Behind the beds was a little nook where the curtains went. So Mark and Lulu of course had fun playing and acting goofy. Mark and Levi relaxing. Lulu had fun exploring all the drawers and all the little nooks and crannies. Then we heard a knock on the door. The bell boy brought us our very own goldfish to enjoy while we were staying there. The fish's name was Phil and Lulu loved having a pet while on vacation. Then just a bit later the same bell boy came back and brought Lulu her very own bathrobe. It was leopard print.....too cute. She was having so much fun and we hadn't even left our room yet. After an afternoon of relaxing and doing our own things we all met in the lobby before dinner.Sister and brother picture.........Todd is older then me by 21 months.Here is Uncle Todd and Aunt Stephanie with Lulu. In the evenings this hotel has paints and canvases out for their guests to paint with. This was so fun because Lulu got to paint her very own original piece of art and bring it home. Here's her final painting. Just beautiful! We asked her what she painted and she said it was the city. After a long day and a nice dinner we headed back to our room and put the kids down. We made a little bed for Levi on the floor. Again, have you ever seen so many patterns at once? It looks really busy but it actually was very nice looking.Lulu fell asleep while looking out the window onto down town Portland. What a view!

You can see my mom's pictures on her blog here.


Christine said...

I want to go back!!!!
So much fun. Thank you for all the pictures, they are great!

dee dee said...

What a fun hotel!
How ever did you dad find such a fun place to stay? Goldfish, printed robes, painting, and beds fit for kings and queens... what fun!
Dee Dee

Andrea said...

Love Lulu's masterpiece! What awesome memories you guys are all making!
Blessings, andrea

Susan said...

Looks like you all had a terrific time! What a beautiful family you have! Lulu's painting of the city is FAB! It surely needs just the right frame and the perfect spot to display it as a happy reminder of your trip together.
You have wonderful parents, don't you? :)