Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 36th Birthday Mark!

Happy Birthday!!  Look how cute you were! 
You were born on your due date.Your grandma drove your mom from Ashland, OR to Medford to the hospital there.  Your dad was at work that day.  When your mom had your brother 3 years earlier the doctor told her that the next time she has a baby to be close by since it would go as fast.  When your mom felt the first "butterflies" (as she described them) they headed to the hospital.  When they got to the hospital there was no room in delivery and your mom's contractions were coming on really fast.  So they gave her a shot to stop her labor until there was more room.  Your grandma and mom waited and waited.  Finally your mom felt the urge to push and your grandma ran to get the nurse.  The nurse came in and told your mom that she didn't know what she was feeling and that she was not ready to push.  But when she check your mom, you were crowning!  The doctor didn't even get his coat on and out you came.    
Your mom told me that when you were 3 months old she was up late and couldn't sleep because at this time your dad had left and you all had been in a homeless shelter and just now into a new apartment.   She put you in the swing to sleep by her in the living room.  She looked over at you and your were limp and blue.  She ran an grabbed you and she shook you and you gasped for air.  She ran to the neighbors and they called 911 and took you to the hospital.  They think you had what could have been SIDS.  Praise God your mom was right there with you.
From the moment your mom brought you home your brother loved you so much.  He would tell your mom "my baby."
One thing I find funny is that your mom had to spank you a lot!  Your brother she only spanked once or twice.  She said you love to test her and would make her so angry sometimes, but yet still just melt her heart. 
The thing I love to hear about you from your teenage years is that you were liked by everyone.  You didn't have a "group" and you weren't part of the "cool" clique or the jocks.  You loved the Lord and was kind to everyone you met. 
 Even today you are so kind to everyone and you have a very caring, compassionate heart.  You love to learn and just tonight you told me you wished you could be in God's word 24/7.  I love seeing who God is molding you to be.  You are my best friend and I love how much fun life is with you! You are an amazing dad and I love watching you with our children.  I can't wait for more with you!
Happy 36th Birthday!  I love you.


Christine said...

What wonderful stories about Mark!
What I love about Mark is that he loves you so much and wants the best for you. What could a mother want more for her child?
I'm so glad Mark was born!

Happy Birthday Mark!

Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!:-) He must be such a good Dad and Husband....