Saturday, November 12, 2011


 This evening my parents came over so my mom could drop off our new topic to learn about.  Turkeys!
Look how cute this turkey is that my mom made us!
 Then my mom told us inside the turkey was something to snack on. So she carved it and Lulu and Levi were excited with anticipation on what it could be.
 Popcorn!  Our favorite snack.
 Here we all are (Ila May was napping).
 Mark got the turkey leg.

 The kids ended up having a blast (and making a mess) playing with the pop corn. Levi was on the hunt for any un-popped kernels. 
 My dad and Lulu
 Ila May woke up and missed our entire turkey dinner.  Yes, this was our dinner.  Growing up popcorn was an actual dinner we all enjoyed (usually on the weekends when my dad cooked).  How we ate it was with grated Tilamok Sharp Cheddar Cheese on top.  So yummy!  Mark and I have been married almost 7 years and the past 2 years or so he has finally agreed that popcorn and cheese can actually be a dinner.  And recently when we talk about what we should have for dinner, he now says "let's have popcorn and cheese."
Sisterly love.  Lulu and Ila just love eachother. 

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Christine said...

That's what makes it all fun.
Have fun discovering Fun Facts about Turkeys.

(I always learn something when I prepare topics!)