Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Again!

 Today we had another wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house.  My mom for a few years now has hosted Thanksgiving on the Friday after Thanksgiving. 
 Here is my dad with one of  his older sisters, my Aunt Beverly.
 My parents set it up this year as a buffet.  My mom again outdid herself.  She makes the best stuffing and that's my favorite part of the meal. 
 My brother Todd and his wife Stephanie.
 Here is my Uncle Bob with Levi.  Uncle Bob is my dad's younger brother.
 My dad and Lulu.
 Here is everyone after the meal sitting around talking.
 Earlier in the day we came over to my parents house around 10:30am.  We wanted to spend the day with my parents.  Here are the kids having lunch out in the living room.
 It was such a relaxing day with my parents.  My mom and I did a little cooking together.  She read a lot of books to the kids.  They played and played. 
 Mark had some work so he did that at the kitchen counter.  Praise God for work!!
 My parents recorded the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  So the kids got to watch that.  We also watched the old version of Miracle on 34th Street.
 Here we are earlier on in the day.  This is my parents home.  This is the home I grew up in since I was 6 months old.
 Lulu got to write out the names for the place settings.
 Her I am with Ila May, her first Thanksgiving.
 Levi and Ila both took naps today at my parents before all the guest showed up.  This is my old bedroom. 
 Here is Lulu bouncing around the house.
After we left around 8pm we took my Uncle Bob home.  Mark and I live 2 min from my parents home.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Tamar live 2 min in the other direction from us.  We are right in the middle.  Basically the same neighborhood.  This home is just down the street from all of us.  So festive!  


Christine said...

Thank you for all your complements.
It was a great day!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Just came over from your mom's blog, so glad I did. My youngest daughter is a Kimmy too. What a wonderful family you have; you are blessed to be so close with them. I too have our girls & their families nearby and as a nana to nine, there is nothing better.
Have a great weekend.

dee dee said...

Thank you for sharing your photos with us! It looks like everyone had so much fun together.
I have never noticed that both you and your mom have a wall of mirrors. How cool!
Dee Dee

Sue said...

Loved the photos, Kimmy, Family is so important and to be able to spend holidays together is even more special! Thanks for sharing.