Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Six Months

 I can't believe Ila May is 6 months old.  It feels like I just did her last monthly picture.  I still think of her as a newborn. I think I treat her like one  I'm very protective of my babies.  Ila May is starting to sit up on her own.  She can't do it yet completely.  She'll sit for a bit then tip right over, smiling the entire way. She has no teeth yet but is still drooling like one will pop out any moment.  She started drooling at 4 months so for the past two months I keep saying "a tooth must be coming in." She's not a fussy baby at all. Ila May is still sleeping in our room.  Lulu was in her crib when she was 7 months old and Levi was in the crib at 5 months old.  But Ila May will probably be in our room for a LONG time.  I can't even imagine putting her in a crib yet.  Ila May has been moving her mouth like she's talking.  That's her new thing.  I think she thinks she's talking too!    
 Such a happy little girl!
The dress Ila May is wearing is Lulu's old dress.  I just love putting her in Lulu's dresses and outfits.
Here is a picture of Lulu in the same dress at 4 months old.


Christine said...

She is every bit a little girl; dainty, petite, pretty in pink and all smiles.

Love her!

Kelsey said...

She looks so sweet!!I wish I were there, so I could hold her....I love little baby girls(and boys)....:-)