Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is this years Thanksgiving picture.  It's always stressful fun trying to get the perfect picture.  Mark encouraged me this year to just go with the very first one I take.  So the top one is it.  I like that idea!  Back in the "old" days of film cameras we only would get one (maybe two) tries.  That's my new goal, the first picture is going to be what you see here. 
 This was just too cute for me not to post.  I love Levi and Lulu touching heads.  They just love each other so much.
 This year my brother and his wife Stephanie hosted Thanksgiving at their new house in Seattle.  It was a mix of my mom's side of the family and Stephanie's mom's side.
Yes, those are chickens my brother and Stephanie are holding.  No, we didn't eat chicken, we had a very nice turkey.  Todd opened up the back door and 2 of their chickens ran into the kitchen. The kids loved it.   
 Lulu and Levi got their very own table and could color on the table cloth (paper)!
 This is my cousin K.C.  We grew up together, she's 3 years younger then me and got married a little over a year ago.
 Todd and Stephanie did an amazing job hosting.  They had 3 tables set and made everyone feel so special with the details and thought put into the evening.
 My parents with Levi, Ila May and Lulu.
 Mark and Levi playing after dinner.
 The girls, my mom with Lulu and Ila May and I.
Here is my brother at the very end of the evening eating pie with Lulu and Levi. everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

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dee dee said...

What a lovely celebration with family!