Friday, November 18, 2011

What I'm Thankful For...

 My refrigerator!
An older lady was asked what modern kitchen appliance would she hate to go without these days. She said "running water."  WOW!  Can you imagine? 
This week our fridge stopped working.  We woke up and the temp inside it said 68 and there was a smell coming from it.  Yuck!  We had to toss most things but also were able to freeze some and save the pickles along with other things.  Very thankful that not too much was wasted.
 Mark called Sears where we bought our fridge 6.5 years ago and today we had a technician come out to repair it!!  Last night we deep cleaned the fridge and freezer.  We figured it was a good time to do it since nothing was in it.
 Here's our repair man.  He gave us a time between 1pm and 5pm.  He showed up at 1pm!! My grandpa always said "if you're going to be audited make your appointment on Friday at 4pm." Well, I think the theory works with repair men too. Our repair man was quick and knew right away that we needed a new fan motor.  
 I'm thankful I no longer have to live out of our cooler.  It's been so cold here lately that just keeping things outside worked really well too.  So that is a blessing.
 I'm thankful for my amazing parents! My parents ran to the store for us the first night and bought us ice and some staples since we had to toss most of our things.  Thank you!!
 Ahhh, here is my fridge right now.  It's working!!!  Sort of bare but I'm thankful for my working fridge and our well stocked freezer.
A funny story about this fridge is that 6.5 years ago when we bought this house we had to buy a fridge.  We had seen the house with out a fridge in it and I was used to seeing the big void in the kitchen where the fridge should have been.  So the day we moved in I was at home waiting for Sears to deliver our brand new fridge.  Mark was at work and when the fridge showed up I called Mark crying.  I told him we needed to return it, it was just too big!  LOL.  The silly things we cry over.  I was overwhelmed with just moving and now my kitchen seemed too crowded now.  But actually it's the perfect size for us now.  I love it and with a growing family it has been great.  


Christine said...

I remember the day you had your refrigerator delivered. It was pretty traumatic for you.

Hmmm... what appliance could I not live without?
Good question. Stove? Washing machine? Refrigerator?
We are very blessed to have such convinces.

Glad the "Old Refrig" is running.
Remember that old corny joke?
Is your refrigerator running? You better go get it!

Kimmy said...

Hahaha! That is a funny joke.

Terese S said...

Wow, your refrigerator looks SO good, beautiful and clean! I gotta get to mine, one of these days. It's always so nice when it's clean, but yours looks brand new! Great work! Glad you got it fixed again.

Kelsey said...

My fridge is big expensive and a pain in the eye. It has been nothing but trouble since we moved in here. Came with the rent house we are in. Glad I don't own it.

dee dee said...

So glad that he was able to repair your beautiful fridge! both my Mom and sister have fridges with freezers on the bottom and they love them! Thank you for coutning your blessings, always reminds me to count mine too! God is good!
Dee Dee