Friday, January 13, 2012

Going to Mema's

 Earlier this week we went to spend the day with Mark's mom in her motorhome.  Mark's mom and step dad are up here in Washington for a while trying to rent a warehouse they own.  Normally they live down in Oregon but until they rent the warehouse, they are living up here!!  Selfishly we are hoping they don't rent it too soon, just because we like having them close.
 The kids LOVED playing in the motorhome.  We had lunch in there and Connie recorded a few cartoons for them to watch.  They got to watch them on the bed in the back.
 Levi's favorite part was pretending to drive this huge thing. 
 I met Mark in April 2002.  Mark's parents sold their house a month earlier in March of 2002. That was the house Mark grew up since he was 4. They bought this motorhome a handful of years earlier but decided to go full time in it and that's when they sold their house.  They have since bought some property in Oregon and built a "barn" to park in.  But until their warehouse rents the warehouse has become their new "barn" up north. 
 Here's a view of the their home on wheels with the trailer they tow.  The small mini motorhome off to the left is for when they take short trips.  Sometimes Connie will park the mini in front of our house when she visits us. 
 Here's Levi again pretending to drive.  He absolutely loves to drive anything.  If he's not sitting in a real vehicle pretending to drive he's holding an invisible steering wheel in front of him making motor noises. 
 Here's a picture of the other half of the warehouse.  We brought their bikes so they could ride around.  Connie found a scooter that you sit on and zoom around on.  It was a blast!  I rode that thing all over and Lulu and I were having so much fun.  Mark and I had to take turns, it was that much fun.  

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