Friday, January 13, 2012

New Hats!

 Ila got a new hat for Christmas but it was way too big, but fit Lulu.  So Lulu ended up getting a new hat and I went into the local gift shop/pharmacy and asked the owner's wife if she could make a matching one for Ila.  I got to pick up the hats a few days ago.  Here they are! 
 Kiss...smooch...Lot's of love.
Ila's hoping to get another kiss!


corners of my life said...

Now you just need one for you :)

carleen said...

Adorable!! See, this is what I miss about not having another little girl. The pink, hats, bows, dresses and fun tights. So much fun!! You should learn how to crochet!

Christine said...

I agree, you should get the same hat!

Kelsey said...

They are so sweet!!! Adorable hats!!!!:)

Much love,

Angel said...

Super cute! Just in time for the snow!