Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playing in the Snow

 Today we had a very light dusting of snow.  It was still enough to play in though.  Today while Levi and Ila were taking their afternoon nap Lulu came up and told me "Mommy, I prayed that God would let us go out and play in the snow after naps."  After I talked to her a bit about her sweet little prayer I found out she was excited that the snow didn't melt while Levi and Ila were napping.  God allowed the snow to stay so they could go play after naps.  We love answered prayers!!  
 Here is Lulu's snow man she worked very hard on.
 Levi loved sitting in the snow and watching Lulu run around. 
 Here is the snow family Lulu and Mark made.
 This is what Ila May did while everyone was playing out in the snow.  I also wanted to show off her hair.  I usually have a bow in it so her cute little poof on top never shows. 


dee dee said...

God is good!
dee dee

Anonymous said...

How Sweet! I have some pictures similar to this made over 20 years ago of our little ones playing in the snow in front of our first home in Texas. After moving to the Midwest, the snow in the pictures got much deeper! :D