Thursday, January 5, 2012


This week we are learning about PENGUINS!
 This morning at the front door was a package from my mom with all these penguin things in it.  A book about penguins, pictures of real penguins, fun facts about penguins, activity sheets of penguins, songs about penguins and even Safeway's brand of Oreo cookies called Tuxedos with a penguin on it.  And a can of albacore for lunch today since penguins eat fish. 
My mom is amazing! 
So to add to the fun we made a penguin snack.  This was so fun and actually very tasty. The kids devoured them all. 
 Mark and I got 1 each out of the ten I made.
 Here's mine right before I ate the poor little fellow.
 This is all you need to make your very own penguins to eat.  It seemed tedious but it wasn't too hard to do and went really quick.
Did you know that there are 18 species of penguins in the world?
Did you know that penguins take small naps in the water?
Did you know that penguins eat snow as a source of fresh water?
Did you know that penguins use sign language to communicate with each other?


Christine said...

Those little guys are adorable.
They would make a great appetizers for parties of any kind!
Way to go! (another high 5)

corners of my life said...

I love how your "students" dress up for homeschool. Too cute.

dee dee said...

Oh these are so sweet! Your mom is a blessing!
dee dee

Susan said...

Love this idea! I think I'll try it when we're studying penguins at school. Your kids are adorable! Your Mom's the best!

Carleen said...

Your a great mom and teacher, your little penguins look awesome, they remind me of something out of Family Fun magazine.