Monday, January 2, 2012

Ila May "Talking"

Here is Ila May today "talking" to me.  I usually get a bit of one on one time with her while Lulu and Levi nap.  It's so fun, I just love this time with her.



Christine said...

Did I hear her say Goo? Like in Grammie Goo?
I think I did!

Anonymous said...

She looks as though she has quite a story to tell! She is adorable!

Susan said...

What a sweetie! She's adorable! I do think I heard her say "Goo!" :)

dee dee said...

I'm sitting on the couch playing Ila's video and now I wish I could have taken a video of Latte (my mastiff) standing at the computer trying to figure out where her sweet little voice was coming from. Ila would talk and Latte's ears would go up, and her head would tilt from side to side while looking at the computer! Very sweet!
Dee Dee